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TRUEfoods retail chicken stock pouch
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Based on Culinary Principles

From slow roasting the bones to double filtering, we make our stock the chef’s way, using no flavour enhancers or life extending ingredients. It's why you'll find TRUEfoods products in some of Britain's finest restaurant and home kitchens.

About Us

An up close and personal dining experience like no other. Here we showcase the tremendous talent we have working behind each and every one of our products. From our intimate kitchen in the heart of North Yorkshire, our chefs guide you through a menu of exceptional food created using the same level of detail and development that goes into our stocks.

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"It’s reminiscent of Noma or El Bulli. Apart from the fact that I’m on an industrial estate in Yorkshire – with food I’d rather eat"

- Giles Coren, The Times.

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